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  • Castleton Visitors Centre width:640;;height:427
  • A view from Castleton towards Hollins Cross width:640;;height:427
  • Footpath heading towards Edale width:640;;height:427
  • A 'Squeeze Stile' width:640;;height:427
  • Edale Visitor Centre width:640;;height:427
  • Holy Trinity Church Edale width:640;;height:427
  • The Old Nags Head Edale width:640;;height:427
  • The first signpost and start of The Pennine Way width:640;;height:427
  • A view from Edale towards Hollins Cross width:640;;height:427
  • The easy way back! width:640;;height:427
  • What you looking at? width:640;;height:427
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